Nursery Staff and Volunteers

Kathy Endsley – FUMC Children’s Director

Retired educator, dog lover, grew up at First Methodist Church, and believes children are our future!

Rachel Geist- FUMC Lead Nursery Attendant

Enjoys reading and being outdoors, grew up at First Methodist Church, and loves being with the children in the nursery at FUMC!

Diana Deleon- FUMC Nursery Staff

Enjoys cooking, has two children, and loves having conversations and interacting with children!

Courtney Conway- FUMC Nursery Staff

Loves children of all ages and likes to see them grow and learn!

Michelle Olivas – FUMC Nursery Staff

Soccer player at LeTourneau that is majoring in Education. She loves Jesus, making children laugh, and chocolate! Michelle has younger siblings that she loves spending time with and caring for!

Janice Crane – FUMC Missions Leader

Regina Shafer – Volunteer

Grandmother to one boy and 2 girls and likes scrapbooking and organizing. She has been a member of FUMC since 1960!

Shirley Lancaster- Volunteer

Likes to cook, garden and stay active with pickleball and yoga. Shirley loves children’s creativity and all the things they like to talk about!

Lyndell McAllister- Volunteer

Also known as “Mamie”. Lyndell loves to hike, work with children and wants them to know Jesus!

Samantha Crum – Volunteer

Class president of her sophomore class who loves God and likes playing with children!

Jenna Crum 

Beginning college in the fall but will be back on some weekends to play with the kids in the church she grew up in!

Jordan Crum

Beginning college in the fall and will be home on some weekends to work with the children because she loves how they view the world in different ways.

Zoie Eschenfelder – Volunteer

Likes spending time helping in the nursery because she appreciates their imagination!

Chloe York

Basketball player at LeTourneau majoring in Education. She loves being around children because they make her laugh and radiant a positive and loving presence!

Sylvia McClung - Volunteer

Sylvia McClung is a nursery volunteer whose favorites include football and going out to eat!  She taught school for 30 years and loves the children's smiles and ability to accept others.