Frequently Asked Questions

How will the pavilion/ sport court be used and what is included?
  • Youth activities, church services, activities, community events
  • Lighted with speaker and sound capabilities
  • Concrete bleachers, pony walls for seating
  • Retractable basketball goals
  • Lines on floor for basketball, volleyball, pickle ball
Wasn't the Faith Center planned for sports?

Previous planned use for the Faith Center included youth recreation. Now, however, with our Contemporary Services, church and community events, our staff is unable to turn over the space in a timely manner.

Will School for Little Children be able to use the court?

School for Little Children will be able to use the space, however the pavilion will not be fenced on the south side. The gates and fencing will remain in place in their playground area.

What security will be implemented?

Lights will be installed and cameras in keeping with the rest of our property. Bright lights that currently do not exist on the Green Street side we hope will deter any unauthorized usage.

How will bathroom facilities be addressed?

Church members will have access to the Faith Center bathrooms or the church office area bathrooms. During community events or large gatherings, we will have a planned space for portable bathrooms to be brought in.

Have we addressed insurance requirements?

Insurance needs are currently being explored by the office staff. The need for additional janitorial and landscaping staff is also being explored.