Disaster Response

We know that everyone is anxious to help out our neighbors along the Gulf Coast as they work to recover from Hurricane Harvey.  Here’s how you can help!

Donate to the Relief and Recovery Efforts

You can send financial support, which will be desperately needed by first responders and relief workers. We’ve made it easy for you: Just bring your check made out to FUMC to the church office. Put “Harvey” on the memo line. We’ll get it where it needs to go for you!

Build a Flood Bucket

Our church will be taking flood buckets to people who have been affected.  You can help by:

  •  Coming on Saturday, September 9 to help us put them together in the Faith Center
  • Donating supplies for the flood buckets
  •  Building your own bucket and bringing it to church on Sunday, September 10

We will pray over the buckets in worship on Sunday, September 10 at all services!

Thank you so much for all your donations!

We have plenty of buckets and now we need to collect the final items we need to fill them. Can you help Hurricane Harvey victims by bringing some of the following:

Work Gloves:
25 pairs of gloves. They can be all leather or cotton with a leather palm.

5 Dust Masks:
77 sets

2 pairs of dishwashing gloves:
72 sets

18 cleaning wipes:
87 sets of 18 count Handi wipes or other reusable wipes.

24 roll of heavy duty trash bags:
72 sets

15 100-foot clotheslines or 30 50- foot clotheslines

72 set of 50 count clothespins

5 scouring pads:
72 No stainless steel, brio, SOS pads or anything with soap already inside it.

1 Scrub brush:
84 brushes

1 insect replant spray:
63 6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover. No larger than 14 oz, and no smaller than 6 oz.

1 can air freshener:
29 cans of air freshener either aerosol or pump.

Dish soap:
53 16-28 oz bottles of dish soap. No more than 28-oz and no less than 16-oz.

Liquid Household Cleaners:
98 12-16oz bottles of liquid household cleaners that can be mixed with water. No more than 16-0z and no less than 12 oz.

Liquid Laundry Detergent:
68 one 50 oz. or two 25 oz. bottles of laundry detergent.

Please make sure you get items in the sizes listed. Larger items will not fit in the flood buckets and will not be included in them. They will go to the victims of Harvey, but we cannot include them in the buckets.

For more information on what how to assemble the flood buckets or on what the United Methodist Church is doing to help victims of this disaster go to http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies/Relief-Supply-Kits/Cleaning

The United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church respond in time of disaster with care and compassion. Learn more about Disaster Response locally and around the world by visiting the websites below.

Texas Annual Conference Committee on Relief 

TACCOR is the disaster relief ministry of the United Methodist Church’s Texas Annual Conference. Much like UMCOR responds on a national and international level to disasters, TACCOR responds to disasters within our conference. We also share teams with other conferences when those conferences request our assistance. For more information, visit the TACCOR website.




The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the United States. We provide humanitarian relief when war, conflict, or natural disaster disrupt life to such an extent that communities are unable to recover on their own. For more information, visit the UMCOR website.