Lent 2018

How will you grow?

Lent is often a time in our Christian year when we think about “giving something up”. And to be sure, sacrificing and fasting are faithful spiritual disciplines. But the goal of giving something up is to give God room to grow in you! So our challenge for 2018 is- how will you grow?

We want to challenge you, instead of, or in addition to, giving something up for Lent take on one or more of these challenges and commit to growing in your faith!

You can commit to:

  • being in worship every Sunday throughout Lent (February 17- March 25)
  • joining a small group or Sunday school class
  • joining a committee or volunteering in a ministry area

You can turn in your Lent Commitment Card in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday (the start of Lent) or you can go online here to log your commitment!