Online, Stock, & IRA Giving


Did you know you can Manage Your Giving and Registrations Online?

First United Methodist Church wants you to know that you can manage your giving online!  Giving online is easy and allows you to set up recurring contributions or give just once and view your complete online giving history from your online account.

Simply follow these easy steps:

1)  Visit the church website at

2)  Click on the [Giving –Tithes & Offering] button.

3)  Click the button to [Give as Guest] or [Create Profile]. A profile can be used to set up recurring giving.

4)  Follow the onscreen instructions.

Many people already contribute through online giving. If you already have recurring online giving set up through the Finance Office and would like to take control and manage changes yourself, please contact Ann in the Finance Office to prevent duplicate withdrawals through online giving.


Would you like to Donate some stock and avoid capital gain taxes? Check with your financial advisor to determine if donating stock would be advantageous for you. 

To Donate Stock:

Stock may be donated to FUMC Longview by transferring investments to our brokerage account at RBC Wealth Management.

Contact: Bruce Cammack   Phone: 903-753-5343
Church Contact: Ann Fogle, Finance Manager 903-753-4463


Did you know the IRA Distribution legislation for donations made directly to qualified Charitable Organizations is now available permanently?

Congress made the law permanent in 2015, so if you’re 70½ or older and have an(RMD), you may transfer your 2017 RMD to charity at any time. The donation counts as your RMD but doesn’t increase your adjusted gross income, which can be particularly helpful if you don’t itemize. Also, keeping some or all of your RMD out of your adjusted gross income could help you avoid the Medicare high-income surcharge or help make less of your Social Security benefits taxable.  As always, prior to making any IRA withdrawals you should consult with a qualified tax consultant or certified financial planner for advice and requirements regarding this legislation and your tax situation.


“I judge all things only by the price they shall gain in eternity.” — John Wesley (1703-91)


If you have any questions about church giving or finances, please contact Ann Fogle, Finance Manager, at (903) 753-4463 or by e-mail at